Jennie Flint


Photograph of ideas person

“After finishing my PhD in chemistry, I realised that I didn’t want a career in academia but wasn’t sure what else I could do. I took a job in marketing at a large biotechnology company, but realised that making money for the company really didn’t motivate me, which was a bit of a problem! I only came alive at work when talking about science, but I knew my lab career was over. It was when I was looking for alternative roles that I found the technology transfer job advertised at Cambridge Enterprise and it seemed to offer everything I was looking for – the opportunity to think about science while not having to be in the lab, and the goal of changing the world for the better, not just making money. Now I’m here I love what I do. Every day is so varied, and I get to spend my time talking to leading academics about their cutting edge research, and making connections with innovative companies. Being a part of getting University research out into the real world is such a privilege, and so rewarding!”

Technology Transfer Officer (Associate) / Cambridge Enterprise / Cambridge

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