My Summer of IP: personal stories #17

Our 2023 Summer of IP programme provided a range of activities and events for would-be recruits to the IP professions – including introductions to the basics about IP and the careers available here, some more specific events to showcase particular types of career, and opportunities such as taster sessions and work experience placements from IP sector employers.

We asked participants to tell us about their Summer of IP experiences, what they learnt and what they enjoyed the most. We’re publishing the resultant blog posts here throughout the autumn. In this one Sumetha Uthayakumar, a PhD student of biomedical engineering at The University of Edinburgh, tells of the benefits of learning about the patent attorney training and qualification process at a Summer of IP open day.

Sumetha writes:

I first heard about IP Inclusive through LinkedIn, and I was immediately impressed to discover the numerous opportunities available for students across the UK to gain insight about a career in IP. Ever since I came across the term IP during my undergraduate degree I have always wanted to learn more about what the patent attorney job role entails, and having an opportunity to talk to attorneys and trainees who have been through or are going through the process has enabled me to confirm that this is the right path for me.

I had a great experience attending the Potter Clarkson open day in London. I enjoyed networking with the other like-minded students who were there to learn about a career in IP, and being able to have a discussion with trainees and attorneys allowed valuable insight about their journey into a career in IP. The Potter Clarkson team provided helpful advice about the training process, interview tips, and what the company is looking for in a potential candidate, as well as the alternative perspective about whether the company I would want to join is the right fit for me.

The most significant discussion of the day for myself was learning about the examination process and qualifications needed to become a qualified patent attorney, as well as gaining insight into other IP qualifications such as trade mark attorney, and the support the company provides throughout the examination process.

The Potter Clarkson open day has encouraged me to pursue a career in IP and as a PhD student I can gain experience through internships and working as a paralegal, therefore tailoring my work experiences for a career in IP. Finally, I want to give a massive thank you to the amazing team at Potter Clarkson London for being very welcoming and transparent about their journey and experiences in their career in IP.


Our thanks to all the IP professionals and organisations who helped to make Summer of IP a success, and in particular to Potter Clarkson for organising and hosting the open day that Sumetha attended.

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