James Love


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“Throughout my undergraduate physics degree, I always anticipated I would be pursuing a life in scientific research. However, in the Easter before finals, a string of job interviews at under-funded research institutions led me to question this and I took a placement at a law firm specialising in patent litigation. At the time, I had barely heard of a patent and certainly had no real perception of what a career in intellectual property might entail. I remember a chief concern of mine being that I would lose contact with the world of science and have effectively wasted my time studying physics. A partner in the firm I was visiting assured me that nothing could be further from the truth, and that I would continue to learn about cutting edge developments in science throughout my career.  That was 30 years ago, and his predictions proved accurate; interestingly, I still think of myself as a “scientist”.

Before completing finals, I committed to pursuing law, and have since enjoyed a varied role including at a leading London niche practice, at large multi-national general law firms, and now in my own boutique practice operating from my favourite part of the country, the North. My experiences have been wide, including handling cases to the House of Lords, involvement in lobbying for and formulating law reform, court room advocacy, and extensive international travel. One of my favourite aspects, compared to many legal disciplines, is that my office is always full of tangible items – products and equipment in need of analysis to ascertain whether or not they are legitimately on the market.”

IP Solicitor / James Love Legal Ltd / Leeds

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