Ashley Evans

Newport (Wales)

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“I was introduced to patent researching via a recommendation of a friend who had applied for a patent searcher position, and I immediately seized the opportunity to apply my biochemistry degree outside of the laboratory. Initially I had little awareness of Intellectual Property or the industry but I have grown to really enjoy working in such a diverse field.

My work is focused around carrying out research and analysis of patents and sometimes designs using software and online databases, to support informed business decisions and patenting activities. I have worked for a globally recognised patent research company for nearly 9 years, rising to a managerial position. This has enabled me to encounter numerous interesting projects, including working on research for emerging technologies, and to gather evidence for defences in some of the largest court actions.

My main area of expertise relates to gene sequencing patent searching.   No two days are the same; my role is deadline-orientated and the workload can be demanding. It requires strong analytical skills to focus on the specific details of innovations to be researched and analysed correctly. Working in a team environment enables me to work with talented colleagues and accommodate a variety of different projects.”

Patent Searcher / Patent Seekers Ltd / Newport (Wales)

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