NEW Careers in Ideas Mentoring Hub

Are you a recent graduate or professional seeking advice on a career in IP, a grad student or postdoc nearing the end of your training, or someone having trouble getting your foot in the door in the IP professions? Would it help to connect with existing IP professionals?

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new Careers in Ideas Mentoring Hub, set up to help would-be recruits navigate their way into the IP professions. Mentors in IP-related careers offer their time for free to provide a fixed number of mentoring sessions and answer questions about applying to join the UK’s IP sector – where and when to look, the skills you’ll need, how to frame an application, what to expect of the recruitment process, etc. The scheme is designed in particular for mentees who don’t already have access to this information through, for example, family, friends, school, university or careers advisers.

There’s some initial information about the scheme in this mentee information sheet. You can find more on the IP Inclusive website here.

To register as a mentee, simply access the hub directly via this link.

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