Meet the IP Crowd!

The IP Crowd: people who’ve found their ideal “Career in Ideas”. Now you can hear from some of them – about what they do and why they enjoy it – in a new series of video shorts.  

To mark National Careers Week 2022, Careers in Ideas is creating a series of “bite-size” videos about different types of careers in the intellectual property (IP) professions.

People who already have a Career in Ideas have recorded some brief thoughts about what they do and why they enjoy it. They want to encourage YOU to think about following in their footsteps.

If you’d like to hear what Tom, Monifa, Cherry, Chris, Ellie and others have to say, download this document containing links to all their videos. It also includes a link to our “The IP Crowd” collages, such as the one above, which are free to download and share.

There’s also a 5-minute general video about why now is such a good time to be thinking about a career in the IP sector. We recommend you watch that first, and then pick and choose from the others depending on the type(s) of Career in Ideas you think might be right for you.

Meanwhile, members of the Careers in Ideas team have created a short video to illustrate the roles that patent and trade mark attorneys play in helping businesses protect their ideas. An imaginary client comes into a meeting and our three advisers talk them through the options for obtaining patent, trade mark and/or design protection for the new product they’ve devised. You can access that video here.

To find out more about all these different careers – what they involve, what skills they need, where they’re based and typical entry requirements – visit the “Inspire me” page of our website. You’ll also find there some “My Career in Ideas” stories from individuals in certain roles, to help you decide whether those roles might be a good fit for you too.

There are all sorts of jobs here in IP. Whatever you’re interested in, whatever you’re studying, there’ll be something for you. Some are law-based, some science-based, some more business-focused. Some you need a degree for whilst others can be joined straight from school.

We’re looking forward to seeing you here!

The Careers in Ideas team


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