Sarah Neil



Photograph of ideas person

“I studied IP during my law degree and after deciding that the traditional solicitor/barrister route was not for me, but that I definitely wanted to work IP I took to Google. A quick search for ‘legal jobs in IP’ introduced me to the concept of a Trade Mark Attorney, which had previously been completely unknown to both myself and my University careers advisor. From there I was able to meet a very kind Attorney willing to talk to me about the profession and help me to gain some work experience in a firm of Trade Mark Attorneys.

I do a lot of work for well-known names in fashion and telecommunications. It’s a great profession to allow you to build up quite a detailed knowledge of many and varied industries, some of which you might already be enthusiastic about, others you might never have come across before. The job is also really rewarding and gives a real sense of accomplishment, considering we work with intangible material it is easy to find yourself surrounded by tangible results – nothing quite beats that feeling of walking down the high street, spotting a trade mark you have helped to register and thinking ‘I was a part of making that happen’.”

Trade Mark Attorney / A. A. Thornton & Co. / London

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