Rhiannon Turner


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“I was most of the way through my second degree when I heard about being a patent attorney, as a friend had already started in the profession. Having found nothing else by then that took my fancy, it sounded interesting so I arranged some work experience. I found the process of really thinking properly about exactly how a paperclip works to be bizarrely fascinating. The job seemed to bring together my curiosity for knowing how things work, as well as my enthusiasm for bioscience in general and a long-held interest in both writing and law. After much nagging of the attorney who had given me the work experience, they invited me for interview and I got a job in Bristol.

After 6 years and 14 exams, I moved on from my original firm and joined the small-but-growing firm of Greaves Brewster LLP, based just south of Bristol in beautiful Somerset. After a couple of years I was asked to join the partnership. I was on another steep learning curve as I started to develop the skills required to run a business.

The main upsides of my current role are in my professional work, which remains hugely interesting, bringing together the scientific, legal and commercial worlds. I’m lucky to be constantly learning about new science, and I really enjoy helping our clients to make best use of their IP to further their business goals. On the other hand, I am myself a small business owner with the associated challenges of leadership, strategy, and management of people and finances. It is a great privilege to be in a position, with my partners, to mould the ethos of our firm as we grow, aiming to have a positive impact in the world through our interactions with our clients, the members of our team, and our community.”

Patent Attorney / Greaves Brewster LLP / Cheddar

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