Monika Kraszewska-Hamilton


Photograph of ideas person

“Sometime during the final year of my Master’s in Biotechnology I realised that even though I thoroughly enjoy science, a scientific career is not for me. I looked into various auxiliary professions related to biosciences and I found myself interested in becoming a patent attorney. The excitement I felt when I found out about patenting and how contentious it can be when it comes to biology and medicine could not be matched by anything else. Knowing that a PhD would be helpful, if not essential, to work confidently with ground breaking science, I completed a PhD in Medical Science. I then also completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law. This was the pivotal part of my university training and it made me realise how many opportunities there are in IP. Currently, I am working in a technology commercialisation role where I assist academic researchers in their translational activities – identifying any protectable IP arising from their work, helping with grant applications, filing and maintaining patent applications and finding industrial partners who could commercialise these inventions. I love how versatile my job is, I get to see the inventions from all angles – from initial ideas and grant applications, patent drafts and correspondence with patent offices to medicines making a difference. I still feel as excited about IP and my job today as I felt when I first decided I would follow this career path.”

Technology Transfer Officer (Associate Business Manager) / UCL Business / London

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