Emily Cottrill


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“Like many patent attorneys, I started off life as a keen undergraduate, fully expecting to keep on the white coat and lab specs for a while.  But at the end of my chemistry degree, I had changed my mind and was keeping an open mind as to career paths.  An EPO careers event and many applications later, I got a trainee position at A. A. Thornton & Co in 2002.  I’ve been there ever since!

I became a partner in 2010 – something I’m immensely proud of, particularly considering I could not envisage life beyond qualification when I was in the midst of studying for the patent exams.  Something that excites me with this job is that every year is different and presents new challenges.  Whether it’s new client relationships, challenging patent cases or making positive internal changes within the firm, I am always kept on my toes.

The international nature of my work is also a huge bonus – I have been fortunate to travel to the US, India, Portugal, Sweden, Canada and Korea as part of the job.  I love meeting people from different countries and cultures and swapping stories about life inside and outside the patent world.”

Patent Attorney & Partner / A. A. Thornton & Co. / London

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