Chris Hall


Photograph of ideas person

“Think of a barrister and you probably imagine dusty old books, wigs, and average TV dramas.  But you need not study acting or ancient history to get to the intellectual property (IP) bar.

The modern IP barrister is likely to walk a path of science or engineering, with a bit of industrial experience.  Indeed, my career began with A levels in maths and science, a degree in physics, and a job as a web developer.

IP is all about creative ideas and inventions in the world of business.  So you need to be able to understand how and why things work and analyse that in a commercial context.  Science, engineering, and some business experience provide the ideal skillset.

Of course as a barrister you need to be hard-working, articulate and persuasive, but for the determined individual the rewards are significant.

As a barrister you are your own boss and the job is well paid.  The work is interesting and varied, with technology cases about semiconductors or robots, and more creative music, fashion or art cases.  I’ve argued in court about everything from cruise ships to caravans!”

IP Barrister / 11 South Square / London

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