Anna Bartholomew


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“I chose to study Mechanical Engineering at university because I loved, and still do love, maths and science. However, after graduating I decided that Engineering was not the career for me, so I started to look for alternative careers which would still enable me to use everything I had learnt. A recruitment consultant suggested becoming a Patent Attorney, so after some further research I began applying for jobs in this area. I was fortunate enough to secure a role within a small private practice and began training. Unlike solicitors, Patent Attorneys require a technical degree and then study the law whilst working. There are quite a few exams that need to be passed in order to qualify as a UK and European patent Attorney, however, the rewards far outweigh the stress of exams. After qualifying I moved to a large US law Firm which provided me with experience of IP litigation, in addition to drafting and prosecuting patent applications. The thing I really love about working in Patents is that I’m learning every day, not only about different and varied technologies (that may, or may not, be the next big thing) but also about little quirks of law. It is also incredibly satisfying when a patent application I have work on gets granted because of the arguments I have presented.”

Patent Attorney / TLIP Ltd / Works from home

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