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All sorts of people find fulfilling careers in IP, from different backgrounds in different roles. See below for some case studies from the world of ideas...

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Rebecca Price

Associate patent attorney - London

“Upon exploring a career as a patent attorney, I found the unique opportunity to use the knowledge and skills that...

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John Austin-Brooks

Commercial manager (BD & Marketing) - London, Bath, Cardiff and Delft

John leads the business development (BD) and marketing functions in a patent and trade mark firm. He tells us how...

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Ikechi Iwenofu

IP Administrator - London

“I entered the trade mark profession by chance after completing a law degree. While working as a temp, I was...

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Julia Tribe

IP Administrator - West Sussex

“I fell into the profession purely by chance. Having risen through the ranks of Private Secretary / Personal Assistant to...

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Karen Leung

IP Administrator - Halifax

“I am head of records and renewals with Appleyard Lees, but didn’t start off in that role. I joined as...

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Chris Hall

IP Barrister - London

“Think of a barrister and you probably imagine dusty old books, wigs, and average TV dramas.  But you need not...

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Sir Colin Birss

IP Judge - London

“I went to a state school. The idea of becoming a lawyer was not on my radar until well after...

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Ryan Weeks

IP Legal Secretary - London

“I entered the profession after studying a law degree at university, where one of the modules was IP law. The...

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Annsley Merelle Ward

IP Litigator - London

“I dreamed of being a doctor. When I was 17, I was in the midst of my chemical engineering undergraduate...

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Geoff Hussey

IP Solicitor - London

“After completing my genetics degree at university I set about trying to work out what to do with the rest...

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James Love

IP Solicitor - Leeds

“Throughout my undergraduate physics degree, I always anticipated I would be pursuing a life in scientific research. However, in the...

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Chris Burnett

Patent Attorney - London

“I found out about the patent profession by chance whilst at university. Whilst I enjoyed my Biochemistry course, I was...

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Anna Bartholomew

Patent Attorney - Woking

“I chose to study Mechanical Engineering at university because I loved, and still do love, maths and science. However, after...

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Emily Teesdale

Patent Attorney - London & Bath

“I have always preferred maths and science to languages, arts and humanities. But after taking Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Further...

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Susi Fish

Patent Attorney - Reading

“Having completed a Masters and PhD in Mechanical Engineering (specialising in biomedical engineering), I was faced with the decision about...

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Saiful Khan

Patent Attorney - Nottingham

“I’d studied engineering for my undergraduate studies and was fortunate enough to be sponsored by an oil company. This meant...

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Tom Leonard

Patent Attorney - London

“I am a patent attorney specialising in life sciences and have been in the profession for nearly 11 years. I...

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Gideon Agbanoma

Patent Attorney - London

“Unlike a lot of my contemporaries, I was not informed about the patent profession while I studied my undergraduate degree...

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Debra Smith

Patent Attorney - Swindon

“I studied mechanical engineering at university and was sponsored by the research laboratories of a large company. I worked at...

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Rhiannon Turner

Patent Attorney - Cheddar

“I was most of the way through my second degree when I heard about being a patent attorney, as a...

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Suzanne Oliver

Patent Attorney - Cambridge

“I studied Electronics at University and then I started work at Nortel Networks, a telecommunications company in Harlow, Essex as...

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Anita Shaw

Patent Attorney - Winchester

“Confession: I come into work each day looking forward to the challenges that I will face – not many people...

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Deepti Nigam

Patent Attorney - Buckinghamshire


“My first brush with IP was a chance encounter.  During the final semester of my dual degree program (B. Pharm...

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David Spinner

Patent Attorney - Cheddar

“Leaving university, I had no idea what I wanted to do.  Although I ideally wanted to use my science degree,...

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Emily Cottrill

Patent Attorney - London

“Like many patent attorneys, I started off life as a keen undergraduate, fully expecting to keep on the white coat...

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Xavier Dauw

Patent Examiner (Europe) - Germany

“After my masters in semiconductor physics, my PhD and a couple of years in industry, I became aware of the...

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Auguste van Poelgeest

Patent Examiner (Europe) - Germany

“I studied mechanical engineering with French at the University of Bath in the UK and spent two semesters in France...

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Kerri Stenning

Patent Examiner (UK) - Newport (Wales)

“At school I enjoyed sciences and knew that to study Chemistry at university I’d need to do maths and sciences...

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Ashley Evans

Patent Searcher - Newport (Wales)

“I was introduced to patent researching via a recommendation of a friend who had applied for a patent searcher position,...

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William Smith

Technical assistant - London


William did Easter and summer internships at D Young & Co. He tells us more about his route into his...

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Claire Webster

Technical assistant - Southampton


Claire is training to be a patent attorney. She tells us what attracted her about the patent profession and how...

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Jennie Flint

Technology Transfer Officer - Cambridge

“After finishing my PhD in chemistry, I realised that I didn’t want a career in academia but wasn’t sure what...

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Monika Kraszewska-Hamilton

Technology Transfer Officer - London

“Sometime during the final year of my Master’s in Biotechnology I realised that even though I thoroughly enjoy science, a...

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Sarah Neil

Trade Mark Attorney - London

“I studied IP during my law degree and after deciding that the traditional solicitor/barrister route was not for me, but...

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David Llewellyn

Trade Mark Attorney - Cambridge

“My journey started nearly 20 years ago. I studied biochemistry at university and I liked it so much, I stayed...

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Rachel Garrod

Trade Mark Attorney - Halifax


“I am currently undertaking a training contract, to become a Trade Mark Attorney, with Appleyard Lees. My route to becoming...

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Mark Bearfoot

Trade Mark Attorney - London & Oxford

“My route to the profession was a little unorthodox.  I actually left school at 16 and found myself an office...

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Did you know?

An English inventor submitted a patent that’s almost identical to an iPod in 1979, 23 years before Apple first launched their product.