My Summer of IP: personal stories #16

Our 2023 Summer of IP programme provided a range of activities and events for would-be recruits to the IP professions – including introductions to the basics about IP and the careers available here, some more specific events to showcase particular types of career, and opportunities such as taster sessions and work experience placements from IP sector employers.

We asked participants to tell us about their Summer of IP experiences, what they learnt and what they enjoyed the most. We’re publishing the resultant blog posts here throughout the autumn. In this one Annabella Casteloes, an undergraduate neuroscience student at the University of Leeds, gives us a brief insight into one of the events she attended.

Annabella writes:

Photo of Annabella CasteloesI recently participated in the “A career as a Patent Attorney” Q&A with Mewburn Ellis. I joined the webinar after seeing it being advertised on my university’s careers board. Prior to attending the webinar I had heard about patent law and it peaked my interest, however I wasn’t completely aware of what the career exactly entailed.

During the Q&A the Mewburn Ellis team went into detail about the processes they went through to become patent attorneys, such as their choices after uni and the examination process. As well as this, the team also gave a run-through of what a typical week in their life is like working as a patent attorney. That was extremely insightful, as it gave me an inside look at what my days would potentially consist of if I chose to pursue a career in patent law.

Towards the end of the webinar any questions participants had were also answered, including my own. This was an opportunity to have any queries answered by current patent attorneys, and was an experience I wouldn’t have been able to have anywhere else.


Our thanks to all the IP professionals and organisations who helped to make Summer of IP a success, and in particular to Mewburn Ellis for organising and hosting this online event.

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